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The Katch Media Group specializes in a variety of different services ranging from design and content production to public relations and digital campaigns. We are dedicated to helping you develop an authentic voice that will resonate with your tribe. 

Market Research

Diving deep and discovering the competitive landscape of specific industries and niches allows us to easily nagivate decision making processes. Our thorough assessment criteria provides a framework which pinpoints exactly how you can differentiate yourself from the bunch. 

Planning & Strategy

KMG gets you to the major leagues, we play at the highest level and we expect our clients to do the same. We’ll put together a thorough multi-pronged strategy that will tackle all your shortcomings and accelerate your presence and recognition. 

Digital Audit

How well are you doing online? Are the resources you are using to be found online being used correctly? Are leads being generated? Are they even converting? We assess the health of your online marketing efforts and put together a plan to supercharge them. 

Brand Development

We help you discover who you are, we dive deep and answer the who, what, when, where, why and how of your organization and what you have to offer to the world. We believe that you must be aware of who you are to be successful in you specific niche. 

Brand Design

Presenting your identity effectively can set you miles apart from the competition. Branding is invaluable and developing a brand which is in line with who you are is key. 


The inception of a website begins here, discovering the journey a users will take when accessing your website allows us to present suitable content for each phase of the journey. Planning is key when building a website.


Effective design is not all about looks, its also about using words to further amplify and add to the message your visuals tell. Our copywriters can masterfully weave any story you want to tell. 

Photography & Videography

Lights, camera, action! KMG makes hollywood calibre productions accessible and affordable. Be it headshots or a movie, our team of creators, videographer, photographers, editors and production specialists make any idea come to life.

Website Development

A website is an online portal to what your all about, we build robust, mobile-first websites with the end user in mind. With proven methodologies and detailed user walkthrough journeys, we make websites that will remain timeless.

Ad Creative

Creating visual assets is tedious and exhuastive, we simplify it. Our team of graphic designers and copywriters create digital and physical assets that resonate with audiences and remain aesthetically pleasing.


With the speed at which consumers are adopting online shopping trends, its essential that the products you sell are found online. KMG will create a suitable solution that will help you get your products online.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found where it matters most, we develop thorough strategies and content plans that allow you to become a top ranking search result. Our active effort to only produce high quality content makes getting found online swift. 

PPC Management

Advertising online has never been easier, we manage online ad campaigns effectively to maximize the ROI and minimize costs. We supercharge online campaigns by meticously developing funnels and optimizing ad spend. 

Traditional Marketing

Believe it or not, engaging in traditional marketing can have a huge impact. It can be getting featured on a newspaper or spending a few bucks on radio ads, even buying a billboard! Traditional marketing is still very much alive.

Social Media Managmenet

Engage with your tribe directly by building an online following and keeping them updated. KMG can help find your audience, develop content and grow your folllowing. 

Find your voice

Authentically Human

We aim to advance the status quo by humanizing companies and organizations. We help you discover who you are and strategize the roadmap to telling your story. 

Build your identity

Timeless Design

KMG is a team of creators, unconventional thinkers and humanistic designers, we build brands that resonate and stand the test of time.

Amplify your message

Efficient Advertising

We believe in methodical marketing, it’s not about being seen, it’s about being seen by the right people, we make sure you’re seen by the right audiences.  

We know stuff

Ask us something

Any form of outreach is a good form of marketing. Tell everyone about what you do, post it on your socials, buy a blimp!

Creating content that’s focused around targeted keywords and phrases that your leads are looking for online allows you to increase visibility. (This answer was Googled, thats the power of SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. (Once again, this answer was Googled, may the power of SEO be with you)

Create content, and lots of it, determine what you want to be ranked for and create relevant content, may the Google Gods raise your rank. 🙌

When was the last time you read a newspaper ad? 

Find your message and scream it from the rooftops or just give us a call. 😏

We are a full service agency, any idea you have we can make it come to life. Yeah, we’re pretty awesome. 

Branding is like the face of an organization, it sets you apart, developing a strong brand is invaluable. 

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