Helped a Startup reach an $8M Valuation

Procally - The Campaign

November 2020 to Present

Content Production


Procally is an online platform that allows businesses, contractors, and gig workers to quickly offer services, both remote and in-person. Procally makes it easy for professionals to create an online storefront, outline their services, communicate and bid on jobs with customers, and charge for completed jobs. Procally needed a marketing company to build their brand from scratch, optimize their online platform, and acquire professionals to build a community.


Katch Media focused on 6 main strategies:
1) Design and Optimize Online Platform
2) Build Brand and Drive Engagement
3) Paid Ads and Sales Funnel
4) Organic, Social, Email, Influencer, Content Marketing
5) Professional Acquisition Campaign 6) Full Scale Video Ad Campaign

The Outcome

Katch designed an easy to use platform, built a brand from scratch, drove professional acquisition and built a community.

Procally was able to acquire 10,000 Professionals on their platform.

These Professionals offered more than 500 services.

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Helped A Start Up Reach $8M Valuation

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