Digital Marketing Content Creation: Everything You Need to Know to Getting Started

In our effort to cover all the necessary topics in our Introduction to the Digital Marketing Landscape Series, we knew we had to talk about content creation.


Content creation is a valuable way to show your target audience that you’re aware of the current trends and topics while also creatively expressing your knowledge and capabilities on a variety of platforms. 


But what is content creation?


Simply put, it’s identifying the topic or idea you want to focus on and then determining which medium will effectively deliver that message. The intention is to drive traffic and hopefully conversions to your company. 


Digital content creation is building that relevant content, such as videos or blog posts, online so that your audience can engage with it on your website or other platforms.


General Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Identify Content Goal – What do you hope to deliver? Creating a video that entices people to buy your product or perhaps a blog post that informs people?
  2. Conduct Research – Understand the industry and your audience’s questions to determine if and how your content goal can match their needs.
  3. Build a Content Team – Figure what kind of experts you need on your team, from writers to editors to videographers, etc.
  4. High-Quality Content Published Across Platforms – It’s not enough to just create content – it should also be high quality. This shows a level of professionalism as well as your company’s capability. Sharing it across platforms ensures it’s not limited to one medium.
  5. Analyze Results – Review what’s working and what needs improvement through Google Analytics and other similar tools that quantify and explain how your content has fared overall.


Here’s an example of how we created content for one of our clients.


The goal here was to showcase the different drink options to customers in a fun and engaging way. The use of colour and graphics helps easily distinguish between each drink as well as makes a beautiful high-quality post that can be shared across social media platforms!

In case you’re having trouble getting started, here are some tips to get you on the right track.


Keyword Research to Stay on Trend

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research is integral to understand what keywords, topics, and phrases people are searching for in your industry. Are there new industry regulations that people need to know? What about the current trends that everyone’s following? You have to know what is making people curious now and what they will be curious about, so you can stay ahead of the game and meet their needs.


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Know Your Audience and Your Competition

SEO not only helps you know your audience but also your competition. By showing consumer questions and behaviours, you now have an idea of what to do to follow their train of thought. 


Additionally, you can also see what your competitors are doing to meet those needs. Are they using the same content format as you are or are they doing something completely different? Learn what others are doing so you can distinguish yourself when creating a content goal plan.


Use All the Tools


And we mean all the tools. If it’s in your budget and capability, we encourage you to use all types of digital content creation because they each have their own merits that could help drive customer engagement.


Something like video content can be an incredibly effective tool to showcase what makes you stand out from the rest of the industry while also informing your audience about your product/services. 


Using videos across platforms is a surefire way to show your creativity and versatility – on YouTube you can experiment with longer-form videos, on social media such as Instagram you can amplify your brand in short and sweet bits.


SEO can be utilized here too – by learning the keywords people are searching on this topic, you can incorporate them into the title of your video, the description, the tags, even the thumbnails! 


The key to using these digital content creation tools is to tailor them to each platform – understanding what works on Facebook might not function as well on Twitter or Instagram. 


As one of Toronto’s premier digital marketing agencies, you can trust Katch Media to use our digital marketing expertise to guide you on your content creation journey. We can help you get started and get going to achieve your business’s goals.

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