Top 3 Strategies Canadian Marketers Need to Know in 2021:Trends and Effects

Since the start of the pandemic, consumers and marketing agencies are staying at home and engaging with the online landscape differently. 


As a result, digital marketing tools such as email marketing, websites, and social media marketing have topped the list of tactics that companies use for marketing. Marketers switched between using in-house tools, with the hopes of saving money and time in promoting their content, and outsourcing when they needed expertise for specialized knowledge


Deloitte recommends three tools to help Global marketers, especially Canadian ones, improve their strategies in this changing environment. 

  1. Canadian marketers should focus on being agile by leveraging data, investing in digital tools best suited for them, and organizing a roadmap to understand when, where, and how their target audience is engaging with their content.
  2. Reconfiguring a business’s talent to let them make better marketing decisions, delegate decision-making to accomplish more in less time, and prioritize responding to customer needs.
  3. A brand’s reputation is created by “what is promised (messaging and advertising) and what is delivered (experiences)”. According to an August 2020 survey, 85 percent of Canadians are very or fairly likely to end an existing relationship with an organization if it negatively impacts trust. On the other hand, 37 percent of Canadians state they would buy more from companies that have responded well to the pandemic.


Global marketing trends have emphasized the importance of brand and customer relationships as well as having marketing strategies that create value through meeting consumer’s expectations. 


This can be difficult now that, during the pandemic, consumers can’t meet face-to-face with businesses. About 52 percent of

Canadians feel safe engaging in person-to-person service, a fact that marketing leaders must consider when thinking about adapting their business to develop their relationship with consumers and meet their needs.


One method to improve brand and consumer relationship is through opening the space for dialogue through online reviews and feedback. Canadian consumers were more likely to view reviews and ratings online before purchasing a product or service compared to US, UK, and Australian consumers


They were also more skeptical of reviews in general, as they still consider themselves “touch-and-feel” shoppers, focusing on brick-and-mortar retail, as well as seeking good deals when shopping. Understanding the minute differences between consumer demographics can help marketers adjust their strategies to effectively reach their needs and expectations. 


This information can help businesses dedicate more time to a reviews section to receive feedback and allow customers that chance to build a positive relationship with a company online.


This shift of digital marketing, from one of the many tools of advertising, to becoming the main one during this unprecedented time, is something that will require adjustment and adaptation. Katch Media Group can help you plant your roots and grow in this evolving landscape while  guiding you through achieving your business goals.

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